Leading Utah Personal Trainer

Todd Krause believes it is every person’s right to enjoy vibrant health at all ages and have spent the past 18 years promoting health and fitness to a wide variety of clients. His greatest vision is to bring health and healing to as many people as possible, using an integrated approach that develops the three elements of who we are… body, mind AND spirit.

If you’ve ever participated in an exercise or nutrition program, I doubt that you would argue that the challenges were more than simply physical. Changing who you are on one level is intimately connected with the other two. The key to long term success with any exercise program is understanding how all three parts interact with each other, and how they can multiply (or divide) your individual results. Hence, my idea for Trine Fitness was born, and I am incredibly excited be able to reach out to people through my website on a much larger scale than ever before. I’m looking forward to helping you get into the best shape of your life!

Yours in Fitness,

Todd Krause

NASM Certified Personal Trainer
NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist
APEX/ Bodybugg FitPro Certification
CPR/AED Certification
Over 10,000 sessions serviced

My Story

“I have always been in great shape and enjoyed excellent health due to my lifestyle and exercise habits. However, shortly after my 40th birthday last year, I decided to accomplish a goal I had never before attempted… competing in a amateur bodybuilding contest! I wanted to see exactly how far my knowledge about exercise and nutrition could take me, and spent the next nine months kicking my own ass (yes, I practice what I preach) and eating as healthy as possible. I immersed myself in research about nutrition, bodybuilding and studied successful athletes in the sport. I also spent many hours networking with other fitness professionals to help fine tune my efforts. I was amazed at how my body responded to my training! I also noticed my mind felt sharper and more focused. Most importantly, seeking to improve my own fitness has helped me to develop as a person and be more effective in reaching out to others. I’m happy to report that I recently competed in the NGA Northern States Bodybuilding Championships and placed 2nd in the masters and novice middleweight categories! I’m at my best ever, and feel extremely fortunate to be able to do what I love!”Todd K, Murray, Utah

personal trainer

personal trainer