Package Options*

Get In Gear (12 sessions)

 This package will take you through your first month and the crucial time where positive habits are created and reinforced. Your clothes will fit differently and the mirror will start showing that your hard work is paying off!

 $720 ($60/session)**


Commit To Get Fit (24 sessions)

Two months of focused effort and coaching is enough to get many people to their first fitness goal. You will also be very knowledgeable about exercise and nutrition, which will help you maintain your success!

$1320 ($55/session)

Change Your Life! (36 sessions)

After 12 weeks of making health and fitness a top priority, be prepared to have a new outlook on life and confidence in your ability to meet challenges in all aspects of your life. Oh yeah, and you might need a new wardrobe!

$1800 ($50/session)

* Custom packages can also be designed to meet your individual needs.**Rates shown are for one-on-one private sessions. Semi-private sessions are also available.